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We are one of the quality ERP software development company in Bangladesh that has more than 50+ clients with a good reputation. Most of the clients are very much happy to use our ERP software to operate their business smoothly. In our ERP software, most of the basic and advanced levels existing to ensure better performance for your organization.

In this ERP software, you can get major modules like HRM, Payroll, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and much more functionality. Just see our demo where you can get a better solution and happy to get the country’s famous ERP solution from us!

Not only that we also help you to incorporate your business logic into this ERP f needed. We are committed to helping you all the way to sustain your business without any interruption.

erp software development company in Bangladesh


  • Online Based Hr and Payroll
  • Full Tracking System
  • Design fo 50 Employee
  • Including One Website
  • Development Timelines: 15
  • One Year Support Free
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CorporateMost PopularBDT1,40,000

  • Online Based Hr and Payroll
  • Full Tracking System
  • Design fo 200 Employee
  • Including One Website
  • Development Timelines: 30
  • One Year Support Free
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  • Online Based Hr and Payroll
  • Full Tracking System
  • Custome Reporting
  • Design fo 3000 Employee
  • Including One Website
  • Development Timelines: 120
  • Cloud Hosting
  • One Year Support Free
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Our Features Are:

best hr and payroll software in Bangladesh


Web For Solution Ltd.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Web For Solution Ltd.



What We Do


ERP Module

Human Resource Management:

Create organization hierarchies, customize the landing page, and set structure and report rights for every client level. Create various HRIS reports utilizing the report generator and worker or employee search engine.

Recruitment Management:

Recruit staff by the sorting you desire on job sites to consequently download potential hopeful CVs and direct tests, interviews, produce offer letters and convert chosen competitor information into workers or employees within a short amount of time.

Quality Solution

Attendance Management:

Get continuous attendance information from any sort order, naturally, all around, and figure late coming, early going, and extra time approaches or overtime policies.

Leave Management: 

Web For Solution Ltd. HR programming has a worldwide leave module where you can set a leave framework for any of your workers or employees and keep track of the leave all in one place.

Payroll Management:

Regardless of whether you have the most mind-complex finance on the planet, Web For Solution Ltd. Payroll Management can deal with it easily. Make unlimited pay heads utilizing extremely amazing formulas and parameters to calculate credits, rewards, salaries, bonuses, loans, and tax estimations.

User Friendly

Help Desk Management: 

Any sort of work process demand issues can be raised, referred to the suitable representatives and its encouragement can be followed to see whether that issue is as yet resolved or hung up.

Say goodbye to the pressure, stress, and hassle of business payroll and the Human Resource system. Our all-in-one online HR and Payroll limits manual information passage, data entry, and record keeping, and guarantees more accuracy all over the payroll and HR solution. Our HR software arrangements help to change over manual recording frameworks and administrative work to electronic documents.

This can decrease the potential for mistakes and representative data releases and misfortunes, all while serving to significantly improved association inside the organization. Via robotizing these procedures, organizations can take a glance at post-employment opportunities to choose from social media and other chosen destinations. This procedure expands candidate pools and preferably helps the nature of the organization’s workforce.



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We Serve the best Quality HR and Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh and are very much experienced in Static Websites, Dynamic Websites, E-commerce, and different types of Web Applications for your proposed business. We have also outstanding Portal Development knowledge and you have the best solution for end-users too. In the meanwhile, we have done many outsourcing projects successfully and have vast experience with world-class Web Development. We always prefer client choice and give them the best solutions for their business. We’re special inside website design in addition to the growth involving hugely insightful in addition to specialist internet websites intended for the modest, method in addition to the corporate type of company organizations. We all rely on jogging with our consumers in every action over the trip involving growth in addition to achievements with their company.





  • EnglishEnglish:Advanced
  • SpanishSpanish:Advanced
  • FrançaiseFrench:Basic


Amazing ERP!

Our Hr and Payroll Management software is totally web-based which helps you to operate from anywhere in the world. To keep your business track all the time to save time and money! Our online base HR and Payroll system is totally paperless and very much fast to enhance your business growth instantly. Our dedicated software specialist full fill your exact requirements at a glance!


We help to grow your online business because everyone want to see the quality website with user friendly structure all the way..


High-quality mobile apps on this platform!

Our very Hr and Payroll system is totally mobile apps based which helps to operate your business from home and outside of your office. Even you can access your application from anywhere in the world. Nowadays we don’t see any service interruption during your service! You feel good once you get our full web-based HR and Payroll software with eye-catching functional mobile apps.

*** Terms and Conditions

Work ProcessStep 1
Best ERP solution in Bangladesh

Web For Solution Ltd. HR and Payroll software company in Bangladesh. We offer to learn the executives or employee frameworks that keep tabs on whole working units’ development through preparing modules. This software likewise refreshes the data to incorporate new qualifications for positions and key perspectives that needed to be noted on the final recruitment program. We also provide chat services and different sorts of a communication systems for better communication among the administrative panel,

Web For Solution Ltd. helping HR and Payroll Software solutions in Bangladesh. We offer intelligent human resource and Payroll management systems in Bangladesh.

HR & Payroll Management

Organizational Setup

Company Information, Location, Department, Designation, HR Responsibilities SetupOrganogram Setup based on Department, Designation & HR Responsibilities. Currency (Organizational base currency by which Org make money transaction) Shift (Attendance Schedule)

Roster Plan

Holidays (Public or Occasional holidays such as Eid, Independent Day, etc.) Department Requirement Policy (DRP): In this module, a Department is configured by the number of designations, a weekly day off and its schedule (Shift)


Employee Information (Both English & Bangla)

Employees biometrics information managing

Employees’ ID Card Management.

Employee Management (OSD, Termination, Discontinuation, Disciplinary Action)

Employee event history (Employment Service History)

Letter Management (issued latter mgt)

Appointment Letter (Re-Print)

Experience Letter

Salary Certificate

Transfer, Increment & Promotion Letter

Release / Termination Letter

Attendance Information System

Attendance policy management (e.g. working calendar and shift will be applied to the individual employee)

Attendance Session declaration

Attendance Session Holiday declaration

Attendance Scheme

Attendance Scheme Upgrade with history.

Data collection from third-party fingerprint or card punch devices.

Attendance Process (Rollback, Re-Process, Freeze)

Attendance Record

Manual Attendance

All sorts of attendance reports; individual, group-wise, floor-wise, department-wise, late, absent, overtime, etc.

Leave management

Grade and scale-wise leave policy management

Employee-wise leave policy management

Online leave issue, approval, cancellation, reconciliation management

Individual Leave account management

Reports on leave management

Pay Slip

Development Approach: In order to deliver a quality software product, the Software Engineering approach will be followed in the total life cycle of service/software from initialization to cut-over/ hand-over/ support-service and configuration management.

Employee Salary Sheet for a particular month

Work ProcessStep 2

Salary Head Information (Both English & Bangla).

Salary Scheme; Grade and scale-wise payroll policy & rule configuration (user-defined dynamic equations)

Payroll process management (for both salary-based or wages based schemes)

Other allowance that depends on attendance & other action


Bonus and arrear management

Set Employee Salary Structure.

Working documents automatic generation like salary sheets, bank advice, individual payments slip, etc.

Wide range of reporting on payroll management

TDS, PF (Provident Fund), and Gratuity.

Reports, Utilities & Value addition features:

Organizational Hand Book (Department wise) at a glance.

Department wise Handbook


Candidate CV

Sorted Candidate List

Interview Result


Employee CV

Employee History (Performance & action event)


Daily Attendance record

Monthly / Yearly Attendance Report

Employee wise attendance report

Daily Attendance Monitoring

Daily Absent report

Salary Scheme List

Employee Salary List as per the scheme

Bank Advice

Employee Wages Report (Production Base)

Wide range of DSS reports as well as customized reports

Management Dashboard

Employee Dashboard



DSS & MIS configuration

DSS & MIS tools (data mining)


Technologies & Practices Standard Compliance

Software development environment and approach:

An ICS extended technology using the following tools, technologies, and environment the whole service will be ensured;

Development environment: .net in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Development language & Script: C#, ASP, Java Script

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Once we complete building the site we must cross-check all those modules which are families to your specifications. After the placement of your site, we will ensure sufficient continuous performance.

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