seo training in Bangladesh

SEO Training in Bangladesh

We offering SEO Training with real-life projects. As an SEO training institute in Bangladesh, we always provide the exact solutions on how to rank a website on The Google first page. All we know is that SEO is a very strong and popular internet marketing tool. lots of website developers don’t know how to write a code in SEO friendly and how to promote a website on the internet world. one thing you need to remember is that if you aren’t able to promote your website or product then it will don’t carry a good result end of the day and your business will be down going within few months. Everybody must realize that no one can ensure your sale or return of investment(ROI) without proper SEO. as an internet marketer or SEO professional specialized in Bangladesh I already share lots of things in then meanwhile on this site regarding SEO. Now we would like to provide SEO training in Bangladesh who want to learn Beginner and Advance levels of SEO training from us.

SEO Course Outline

Lecture One

✔ Introduction about SEO and Benefits.
✔ What is a Search Engine and how does it’s work?
✔ Why & when do people use Search Engines?
✔ How does Search Engines work?
✔ What is SEO and why is SEO needed for a website?
✔ How does SEO impact a website?
✔ What is SERP?
✔ Types of SEO?

Practical Session:

✔ Example a SEO Friendly Website
✔ Website On page Optimization
✔ Meta tag
✔ Image Optimization
✔ Anchor Text Optimization
✔ Title Tag
✔ Keyword
✔ Keyword density
✔ SEO Friendly Article

Lecture Two

✔ What is on page optimization?
✔ Details about keywords and keyword optimization.
✔ Creating robot.txt file.
✔ What is sitemap?
✔ Create & submission XML sitemap to search engine.

Practical Session

✔ Keyword Research Tools
✔ How to Keyword Research?
✔ How to Use Google Adwords? (
✔ How to Use Google insights? (

Lecture Three

✔ Article/Content optimization
✔ SEO friendly content writing
✔ H1,H2,H3 tag use
✔ Back link/ Inbound link
✔ Out bound link
✔ Do follow back link
✔ No follow back link
✔ How to Maintain keyword density

Practical Session

✔ H1,H2,H3 tag use
✔ Dofollow and nofollow backlink
✔ Advance Keyword Research and competitor analysis.
✔ Pagerank and traffic rank checking
✔ How to use different SEO Tools.

Lecture Four

✔ What is off page optimization?
✔ What is backlink
✔ Do follow and no follow back link
✔ Different link building strategy
✔ Blog commenting
✔ Social bookmarking
✔ Forum posting
✔ Directory submission
✔ What is link wheel?
✔ How to create an effective link wheel?

Lecture Five

✔ Article submission
✔ Profile link building
✔ Web 2 submission
✔ Press release submission
✔ RSS feed generates
✔ E-mail Marketing
✔ Keyword rank monitor
✔ Link building monitoring

Lecture Six

✔ Advance SEO with Keyword Research
✔ Google adwords
✔ Google Insights
✔ Google Analytics
✔ Practical for keyword research

Lecture Seven

✔ Video Optimization properly
✔ Image optimization
✔ Slide optimization
✔ Audio file optimization
✔ SEO friendly article writing tips with keyword proximity
✔ Paid Link Building
✔ Social Media Link Building
✔ Corporate Link Building Strategies
✔ Link Baiting

Lecture Eight

✔ What is SMO (Social media optimization)
✔ Facebook page creation
✔ Facebook Group Creation
✔ Linkedin Profile creation
✔ Backlink age, authority, popularity and overall quality
✔ Ways to get High quality back links
✔ Need to know what is Recent Update (Google Panda and Penguin Update)

Lecture Nine

✔ What is SMM(Social Media marketing) and details discussion
✔ What is SEM(Search Engine Marketing)and details discussion
✔ What is PPC(Pay Per Click)and details discussion
✔ What is CPC(Cost per click)and details discussion
✔ Practical

Lecture Ten

✔ Open discussion and FAQ Session
✔ Practical SEO
✔ Real life project

SEO Course Information Details

✔ 2 Months Duration.
✔ Time: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
✔ 20,000 Taka or 300 USD per person.

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