Best CRM software company in Bangladesh

Best CRM Software development Company In Bangladesh

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We are one of the Best CRM software development company in Bangladesh. Every aspect of the design has received our full attention. The end result is an application that, in our opinion, is very user-friendly. The application provides a single point of contact for project collaboration between you and your clients.

To complete the task, you are no longer required to employ several tools. You can manage your tasks with the aid of the application’s highly sophisticated capabilities. Utilize the project templates tool and the project cloning feature to make your life even simpler.

Best CRM software company in Bangladesh

Our Features Are:

Each component of the design has received careful consideration. We consider the finished product to be an application that is very user-friendly. You and your clients can work together on projects using the program as a single point of contact.

No longer are many tools necessary to do the task. To assist you in managing your tasks, the application has a number of highly sophisticated functions. Making use of the project templates and project cloning features will make your life even simpler.

Make sure you finish your work on time to get the job done. Use the advanced capabilities of the application, such as task cloning, task timers, task reminders, and many others, to simplify and expedite your job. Both your clients and the employees of your staff can be given tasks.

The CRM has a fully functional time-tracking tool, so you can keep track of how much time you spend on your projects. You can manually log the time spent working on a task or start and stop your timer. The time logged can then be easily charged to your clients.

We have developed a very user-friendly billing system. You are no longer need to use a third-party billing application. You can make bills using the CRM with a variety of choices, including time billing, product billing, task billing, etc. Your customers will automatically receive an email with their invoice, which they can conveniently pay using a credit card or PayPal.


You can automatically bill your customers for your goods and services with this functionality. The billing cycle can be configured to weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. A fresh invoice will be generated immediately by the system, and it will also automatically charge your client’s credit card.

When clients are aware of the project’s entire cost, they are more likely to commit. You may easily build and email estimates to your clients using the application’s included functionality. Your customer will then find it extremely simple to examine and accept your estimates.



Initial impressions matter. Project proposals that are expertly written will dazzle potential clients. Our user-friendly interface does not require any design expertise.

Recurring invoices can be created on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. A fresh invoice will be generated automatically by the system and sent to your client through email.

Observe your opportunities, and work to convert leads into paying clients. By using our highly sophisticated form builder, you can quickly acquire new leads. Your lead capture forms can then be embedded on any website.

Best CRM software company in Bangladesh

As the Best CRM software company in Bangladesh giving your consumers access to a self-service knowledge base and help center, you may cut down on the time spent providing customer assistance. Using the YouTube video gallery function of the knowledgebase, you can even construct a video knowledge base.






You can automate repetitive operations using project and estimate workflow automations. You can decide what occurs after your client accepts an estimate or after the project has been declared complete. The efficiency of your team is increased, and automations help to make sure that nothing is missing in your workflow.

establishing connections between your jobs will help to guarantee that they are finished in the correct order. A job can be blocked from being begun or finished until a task it depends on has been finished. Dependency management makes it possible for your heterogeneous workforce to coordinate their efforts.


What We Do


Best CRM Solution

Customer relationship management (CRM) software automates the marketing, sales, and accounting systems to focus on overall customer interactions. This software’s functionality also includes managing employee-customer relationships, employee performance evaluation, website content management, etc. In order to make confident decisions in complicated business systems, a CRM system can also develop into a potent instrument for in-depth business analysis.

Fully automation

The software was primarily developed for internal employee and customer monitoring and for use as a general transaction accounting system. It can now generate sales leads, manage teams, create sales invoices, enter accounting data, send emails and SMS automatically, perform business analysis using MIS, and many more tasks that were previously manual.

Easy to maintain

The software is also able to provide personalized business data to deliver the services and products that customers want most, improve customer service, assist sales teams in closing deals, keeping current clients, and better understanding who the customers are, among other things.



Why we are the best!

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Since its inception, CRM has been at the forefront of both customer relationship management and CRM software. Additionally, compared to other CRMs in Bangladesh, it is the best CRM for small enterprises. To begin with, you may enhance client interactions throughout the entire business cycle. Manage Your Customers’ Data Throughout The Relationship’s Various Stages, next. Thirdly, automate your business processes to maximize return on investment. Additionally, improve customer engagement and loyalty using our CRM system. employee-friendly is very crucial.





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Best CRM Software Company In Bangladesh

CRM has always been on the cutting edge of both customer relationship management and CRM software. As the Best CRM software company in Bangladesh, we can serve the better solution as per your specific requirements. Additionally, it is the most effective CRM for small businesses in Bangladesh when compared to other CRMs. First, you might improve client interactions throughout the whole business cycle. The following step is to Manage Your Customers' Data Throughout The Relationship's Various Stages. Automate your business procedures to enhance return on investment, which is the third step. Using our CRM system, you can also increase customer loyalty and engagement. It's critical to be employee-friendly.


We help to grow your online business because everyone want to see the quality website with user friendly structure all the way..


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Work ProcessStep 1
CRM analysis & requirements

The CRM program is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. CRM software that is affordable and gives you complete access. With CRM software, it is now very simple to manage duties like accounting, invoicing, employee management (information, attendance of each day, tasks, and salary per employee), lead creation, and marketing automation. We are Bangladesh’s top CRM software provider because to all of our fantastic services and features.

24 hours support

We always think about and strive for the advantages of our clients thanks to our 24-hour online assistance system. We assist our clients with database management and server installation. Let’s get things going with us.

Best CRM functionality

Customer relationship management (CRM) software automates the marketing, sales, and accounting systems to focus on overall customer interactions. This software’s functionality also includes managing employee-customer relationships, employee performance evaluation, website content management, etc. In order to make confident decisions in complicated business systems, a CRM system can also develop into a potent instrument for in-depth business analysis.

Quality with latest technology

The software was primarily created for internal employee and customer monitoring, as well as a transaction-based accounting system. It is now fully capable of automating processes for creating sales leads, managing teams, creating sales invoices, entering accounting data, sending emails and SMS, conducting business analysis using MIS, etc.

Work process

Many apps, spreadsheets, and databases for maintaining data files and tracking client information can be replaced by CRM software. CRMs compile all of your sales leads’ and customers’ data in one location. CRM software is now used by the majority of businesses in Bangladesh. T

Work ProcessStep 2
CRM Management

A new tailored version of MIS, or management information software, is called CRM management software. This software’s sole purpose is to gather client information, which is then sorted by factors like name, email, phone number, interest, and others.

New vision

It may now sound like a spreadsheet to you! Yes, there are some similarities, but CRM software has been upgraded to track dynamic and complicated data, such as when consumers visited your website, which emails they checked, what they bought, or even what they searched for on your website, among other things.


Sales reps, customer service representatives, and marketing teams all have their own divisions in larger firms. No matter which department they work in, all teams have access to the same current data thanks to collaborative CRM.


CRMs are made to make it easier for you to monitor customer insights. You have the ability to use the data from an analytical CRM to identify trends in your customers’ behavior.


Operational CRMs offer tools for visualizing a customer’s or client’s entire journey. This software tracks the entire user journey across your website, from their initial contact with it to their conversion to a customer or their eventual exit from it. It enables you to give your clients and potential leads a simple journey.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a crucial role in enhancing various aspects of a company’s operations and contributes to overall business success. Here are some key reasons why CRM software is important for a company:

Improved Customer Relationships:

CRM software helps companies build and maintain strong relationships with customers by providing a centralized platform to manage interactions, communication history, and customer preferences.
Enhanced Customer Experience:

By having a 360-degree view of customer data, companies can personalize interactions, offer relevant products or services, and address customer needs more effectively, leading to an improved overall customer experience.
Increased Customer Retention:

CRM tools enable companies to identify and address customer concerns promptly, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to remain with a company and make repeat purchases.
Streamlined Sales Processes:

CRM systems automate and streamline sales processes, from lead generation to closing deals. This efficiency leads to better sales performance, shorter sales cycles, and increased revenue.
Effective Marketing Campaigns:

CRM software allows companies to segment their customer base, target specific demographics, and personalize marketing campaigns. This targeted approach increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts and can lead to higher conversion rates.
Data-Driven Decision-Making:

CRM systems provide valuable insights through analytics and reporting tools. Companies can use this data to make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize their strategies for better business outcomes.
Collaboration and Communication:

CRM tools facilitate collaboration among different departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service. This ensures that everyone is working with the same up-to-date information, leading to more cohesive and effective teamwork.
Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Automation of repetitive tasks, such as data entry, email communication, and lead scoring, frees up time for employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities, increasing overall productivity.
Customer Segmentation and Targeting:

CRM software allows companies to segment their customer base based on various criteria. This segmentation enables targeted marketing efforts, ensuring that the right messages are delivered to the right audience.
Forecasting and Planning:

With accurate and up-to-date data on sales, customer behavior, and market trends, companies can better forecast future sales, plan inventory, and make strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.
Risk Management:

CRM systems help companies identify and mitigate potential risks by providing insights into customer satisfaction, market trends, and the overall health of the customer base.
Adaptability and Scalability:

CRM software is adaptable to the changing needs of a company. As a business grows, a scalable CRM system can accommodate increasing data, users, and functionalities without disrupting operations.
In summary, CRM software is essential for companies looking to build strong customer relationships, enhance operational efficiency, and stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. It serves as a valuable tool for understanding and meeting customer needs, driving growth, and maximizing the lifetime value of each customer.

As the best CRM software development company in Bangladesh, it follows a few things more than others. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software typically comes with a variety of features designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers, streamline processes, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Here are some common CRM software features:

Contact Management:

Keep detailed records of customer information.
Store contact details, communication history, and preferences.
Lead Management:

Track and manage potential customers (leads) through the sales pipeline.
Assign lead scores to prioritize and qualify leads.
Opportunity Management:

Monitor and manage sales opportunities and deals.
Track the progress of opportunities through different stages.
Sales Automation:

Automate repetitive sales tasks, such as sending emails, setting reminders, and updating records.
Pipeline Management:

Visualize and manage the sales pipeline to track the progress of deals.
Task and Calendar Management:

Schedule and manage tasks, appointments, and follow-ups.
Sync with calendars for timely reminders.
Email Integration:

Integrate with email systems to track communication history.
Send and receive emails directly from the CRM platform.
Reporting and Analytics:

Generate reports and analytics on various aspects of customer interactions.
Gain insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and team productivity.
Document Management:

Store and organize important documents, contracts, and files related to customers.
Customer Segmentation:

Segment customers based on various criteria for targeted marketing and communication.
Workflow Automation:

Create automated workflows to streamline processes and ensure consistency.
Integration with Other Tools:

Integrate with other business tools such as marketing automation, accounting, and ERP systems.
Mobile Accessibility:

Access CRM data and features on mobile devices for on-the-go productivity.
Social Media Integration:

Monitor and engage with customers on social media platforms.
Integrate social media data into customer profiles.
Customer Support and Service:

Manage customer support tickets and cases.
Provide a platform for customer service teams to collaborate.
Security and Permissions:

Ensure data security through access controls and permissions.
Define roles and restrict access to sensitive information.

Customize the CRM to match the specific needs and workflows of your business.

Adapt to the growing needs of your business by easily scaling the CRM system.
Choosing the right CRM software and features depends on the unique requirements of your business and the specific goals you aim to achieve with the CRM implementation.

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