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WFS Account is the Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh a highly intuitive browser-based accounting application that combines multi-user simple accounting software for small businesses. We also offer online accounting services in addition to using this program for offline accounting. Popular and straightforward accounting software is WFS Account. Simple accounting software to assist you in running your company wisely!

Best accounting software Bangladesh

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Product order, stock management, bar-coded sales management (POS sale), profit and loss, supplier client management, and SMS sending. Material, production process, and cost management are row.

Management of accounts according to projects, entry of receivables and payables, payments that are overdue, transfers of balances to other accounts, monthly and annual reports according to accounts, etc.

Utility Billing, Internet Billing, Cable TV Billing, Area Billing, Bill Pay by Mobile (bKash) Bank, SMS Sending, and Automatic Monthly Invoice Generation

Management of accounts according to projects, entry of receivables and payables, payments that are overdue, transfers of balances to other accounts, monthly and annual reports according to accounts, etc.

Employer Data, Employee Pay Clip Generation, Employee Advance Payment, Advance Adjustment, Report, SMS Communication

Product order, stock management, bar-coded sales management (POS sale), profit & loss, supplier & client management, and SMS sending.


Calculating an accurate product cost and inventory is the basis of any manufacturer’s financial analysis. Material management, production, and cost management are stacked.

Billing services for cable TV, internet, and utilities include automatic monthly invoice generation, lineman-specific billing, area-specific billing, bill payment via mobile banking (bKash), SMS transmission, and more.


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Best CRM Solution

Customer relationship management (CRM) software automates the marketing, sales, and accounting systems to focus on overall customer interactions. This software’s functionality also includes managing employee-customer relationships, employee performance evaluation, website content management, etc. In order to make confident decisions in complicated business systems, a CRM system can also develop into a potent instrument for in-depth business analysis.

Fully automation

The software was primarily developed for internal employee and customer monitoring and for use as a general transaction accounting system. It can now generate sales leads, manage teams, create sales invoices, enter accounting data, send emails and SMS automatically, perform business analysis using MIS, and many more tasks that were previously manual.

Easy to maintain

The software is also able to provide personalized business data to deliver the services and products that customers want most, improve customer service, assist sales teams in closing deals, keeping current clients, and better understanding who the customers are, among other things.



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Web For Solution Ltd provides an excellent accounting solution for small to large companies, industries, and manufacturer companies, Our accounting software: Accounting is the foundation of every commercial enterprise. As is common knowledge, every firm needs an accountant. Some organizations choose to employ accountants directly, while others choose to outsource their accounting to accounting firms. Both situations demonstrate the necessity of accounting for all businesses. Many businesses also invest in the services that software offers them for their accounting needs. Bangladeshi accounting software gives consumers the option of storing all information or just using it for calculations.





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Best Accounting Software Company In Bangladesh

The user should be highly proficient with this software because if they are not, the software may become a task to consume for the business. That is the only little concern with this. Thus, it should be very simple to utilize the software. The most user-friendly accounting software in Bangladesh is Troyee Accounting Inventory Software. Simply put, Troyee can be used for any type of business. The other issue is that it's critical to constantly have a backup copy of the work completed if the company depends on the accounting software because any loss of data could pose a significant risk. Using Bangladesh's Troyee accounting software, you can very easily.


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The market-available accounting software in Dhaka, Bangladesh can be utilized as a support system or as a tool for accounting guidance. The accounting software in BD can be very helpful if there are any transactions that are not entirely evident to the accountant.

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Which is the best accounting software in Bangladesh?

The most effective accounting software in Bangladesh makes it simple to manage reporting and bookkeeping for the company. Consequently, investing in the top accounting instruments Troyee accounting inventory software in Bangladesh will always be advantageous. Before entering the stream, many accounting students find that working as an accountant part-time is a very excellent idea. Nowadays, a lot of students choose to use the Troyee accounting program so they won’t have to put their mental faculties to the test with any form of math.

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We always think about and strive for the advantages of our client’s thanks to our 24-hour online assistance system. We assist our clients with database management and server installation. Let’s get things going with us.

Best Accounting Software

Accounting software in Bangladesh helps the business sector indirectly since it makes work extremely simple and sociable. Since the accounting program is already installed on the computer in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it is also very simple to share it with other employees or business owners. Many accountants outsource their work to Bangladeshi accountants who are proficient in accounting software since the task is completed swiftly and at a low cost.

Quality with latest technology

Regarding physical copies, the Best accounting software in Bangladesh’s web for solution enables its user to print off documents in addition to storing completed work on the hard drive. Therefore, if customers continue to print the work produced by web for solution accounting software Bangladesh, they need not be concerned about data loss.

Work process

Major Modules 1. Accounts 2. Purchase/Procurement 3. Inventory with Manufacturing 4. Sales 5. Payroll 6. Post-dated Bank Cheque Management (PDC) 7. Target & Achievements 8. Branch or Project Accounts & Inventory

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Basic Features of the Software

Software that records and systems accounting transactions inside useful modules, such as loan boss liabilities, cash due, back, and trial conform, is referred to as accounting software. It serves as a system for accounting information. Accounting professionals use a specific type of PC software called accounting software to manage accounts and carry out accounting processes.

New vision

Accounting is an effective method of communicating and documenting financial facts. In a business setting, this is done for the purposes of internal and external audits, mandated reporting, and budgetary investigation to satisfy legal or internal administrative requirements. Additionally, accounting may include effective and distinctive budgetary data estimation, characterization, confirmation, summarization, and translation.


Interact with a variety of configurations and programs that are tailored to your business or industry needs. Only a small sample of the common combinations we offer are shown in the following cases. We are a provider of accounting software in Chittagong, Dhaka, and throughout Bangladesh. Our products include industrial accounting software, trading accounting software, accounts management software, billing software, and more.


This is a web-based accounting program that also handles vendor management, payroll, and inventory. Using this program, you can manage all employee accounts, role-based authentication, payroll, all fixed assets, etc. This program is divided into two sections. Do you carry out the majority of your business while traveling? From your phone or tablet, you can use Our Accounting to send personalized invoices, keep track of inventory, and make purchase orders to include bills.


For a seamless experience, get customized financial performance reports and access to your bank account. If you require payroll services, you must utilize this accounting software as well. Additionally, it is a cloud-based platform, allowing users 24/7 access. Additionally, it automates a lot of time-consuming menial activities.

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