Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

HR and Payroll software development company in Bangladesh

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh


Payroll software is a resolution of calculating and processing employee pay, generating tax forms, and benefits for the organization. Ideally, payroll software will avoid human errors when calculating and administering payroll, as well as allow employees to self-service some functions to reduce administrative visual projection. Using a payroll software consolidates the numerous payroll processes onto one platform and provides a variety of tools to make payroll functions more effective and accurate. There are several benefits of using affordable payroll software solutions. Among other things, payroll software increases efficiency, improves labor management, decreases the potential for mistakes and errors, and provides employees with access to past and present data. The key feature is a combination of HR and IT in-one modernized platform. As everything is connected to one accurate employee system of record, it’s not necessary to update rules and employee information continuously.

We would like to share Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh where you will get a better software solution at affordable prices.


  1. Web For Solution Ltd : Web For Solution Ltd. is desired to provide reliable and cost-effective accounting and payroll software, the company seeks to help small businesses to consistently drive growth. It provides tools that help users to handle both basic and full-service payroll tasks, to save not just money but also time. The best part is businesses that are interested in  the product can Web For Solution Ltd.’s free trial to try the product features.
  2. Lines Pay: This HR and Payroll software service in BD is the professional platform for small-medium and enterprise businesses. Their focus is to serve a modern and updated software system that is focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows.They used to offer some updated services like: Their software can run independently on any platform All the information about the employee data records smoothly in one central palace. Many business companies maintain several sections to manage HRM data, but they provide an all-in-one solution. It saves time.

    Including the above points, their software provides other common services like salary report, loan report, deduction, allowance and other things in an easier way.

  3. Jibika Plexus: Jibika plexus is one of the smart HR and Payroll management software service provider in Bangladesh. They offer exclusive features that are very helpful for the management of a company. They are: apps for mobile, PC, Laptop and Desktop which is easy to operate, reliable and flexible face detection attendance system, multi-layer for leave, evaluation, confirmation and so on. It’s great for an employee evaluation system so that a good relationship could grow between company and employee. It also offers an assessment grading point for employee and auto-generated promotion letter, increment letter etc. It offers unlimited adding facilities. Even the end person can add or modify the report. Their Attendance and monthly salary processes are super fast.
  4. Zaman IT: Zaman IT’s HR and Payroll software is called ‘Smart Pay’. They are a good HR and Payroll software service because their offered software is user-friendly with unlimited user access from anywhere at an affordable price.

    They offer services about the Provident fund– This software system will show check balance, withdrawals, check statements, PF deposits, and PF loans. Salary report– allowance sheet, payslip, bank sheet, loan sheet, and deduction sheet will be organized by the software. HR Report– All the reports like- present report, absent report, punch report, late report, weekend and holiday report, leave report are available here. Deduction– history of all the information on deduction are shown in this system. Their software are used to provide bundle of reports on Allowance, Leave history, Attendance, employee information, Setup, Company information.

  5. Gent IT: Gent IT offers HR and Payroll software solutions of simple resource management and payroll processing is easy to use with the rich package.

    Attendance/leave management: They provide Attendance reports in pdf form and automated early and late leave count facilities also with public and company holidays checklist. Project Management: Employees could be assigned for any individual tasks by this software. It helps to see team management, project lists and information. It also provide logistic support. Expense and Asset management: This system produces the category, workflow, and reports of expenses and assets. Payroll management: Here employee’s information, salary, the deduction, salary structure, allowance are shown.

    They also provide various services like loan management, training management and many other things that are related to payroll software also very popular.

  6. Roopokar: Roopokar is one of the popular HR and Payroll software company with good features in Bangladesh. They offer services like Employee portal, announcement section, leave schedule handling, office shift handling, holiday module, corporate scorebook, all report charts, security and so on.

    Their additional features are- accessible and user-friendly input system in Bangla language. This is a big comfort in a country like Bangladesh. They offer easy to use app for the company with offline and online working facilities. It provides the fastest data connection and data back up system. So you have no worries about data lose.

  7. Soft IT Security: Customized Software is their main service for the company that prefers to have their own software. Features are– user module, recruitment module, a configuration module, Increment and promotion module, the evaluation module, resign module and so on.
  8. Systech Digital Limited: Systech digital company’s HR and Payroll software give big support to run a successful business with freedom. Their features are easy to use and advantageous. They are – In just one click, all the information of the employee will come as the software records everything. Leave and attendance records are easily monitored through one-click reports. Employees are used to paying correctly and on time.

    With these three benefits, they have employee module, production module, attendance module, loan module, security module, payroll module and all the reports section of the company.

  9. Syntech Solution Limited: They believe that a good balance between employee and company administration can run a successful business and both of them will be benefited.

    HR and Payroll features are: Their software system generates all the reports of Branch, employee, payroll, bonus, attendance/leave and with all the basic HR and Payroll services. Their software generates all the payslip of convenience in just one click.

  10. N.i.Biz Soft: NIBiz Soft is popular for developing custom software with various IT services like web design, mobile app, domain hosting, eCommerce etc in Bangladesh. Like other HR and Payroll software services, they also provide some basic software services like -loan management, employee statement, requirements, all the reports of HR and Payroll services, monthly data lock/unlock and many others.


The HR department act as one of the most important department in any company to maintain balance between administration and employees. Due to information gap there is a chance of financial penalties and a imbalance of employee status. The HR and Payroll Software System is undoubtedly  the best solution for mitigate those problem.

There are lots of HR and Payroll Software with  updated version available in Market. Software specialists are experimenting to develop new software system to make it more easier and business companies are taking these software which make benefit their company.


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