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ERP Solution Service in Bangladesh

We are one of the best ERP solution providers in Bangladesh. Our ERP is able to meet the exact requirements as per client specific requirements. Our ERP designed to be a type of enterprise solution for larger businesses.

  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll Management
  • CRM
  • Commercial Management

Enterprise Resource Planning aka ERP is a software module that is used to manage all the business activities. Generally, this software system is used by organizations for their activities on project management, accounting, risk management, and other procurements. This module will help a company or organization to help plan, predict, forecast, budget, and generating reports based on financial results.

So, you might be wondering how can you get this kind of ERP solution for your business. Then, Webforsolution presents you with the best ERP software in Bangladesh with a very cheap rate yet the top-class performance. Our easy to use ERP solution will help you make the most powerful reports with accounting and financial factors. You can be anywhere to use your ERP as it is an online-based automated inventory purchase and sales transaction.

What we offer:

  1. Purchase Management: Webforsolution offers the best deal with all your buy forms, making buy orders, getting merchandise, making installments, and enables you to return products. It will generate a buy receipt to give your sellers a payment record. On the other hand, scheduled delivery will automatically be created for your customers.
  2. Customer Management: Deliver something other than an item to keep clients returning to you, by giving short request process durations, quick conveyance, top-notch, custom setups, extensive help, and exact invoices. With Webforsolution Customer Management software he client list can be sent out in a CSV or PDF record design for review and editing in a spreadsheet position or for mailing and printing with appropriate data. Clients can be managed based on their terms of relationship with you. The best part is you can do the majority of this progressing!
  3. Product Management:
  4. Vendor Management: With Webforsolution ERP, you can keep up far-reaching data about your merchants including installment terms, shipping address, contact data, and so on. It is anything but difficult to make new clients and build up their opening adjustments. Utilize graphical portrayals of your key seller’s dependent on exchange adds up to guarantee appropriate arrangements.
  5. Sales Management: Webforsolution sales management covers the wholesale cycle by enabling you to put in a business request, produce a receipt, and get an installment. The connection of a receipt and a business request gives you a better understanding of your business. It will also create cash sales receipts in multiple currencies to provide for your clients as a payment record.
  6. Billing Management: In Webforsolution, your ERP software will create computerized deals invoices effectively for your clients including finance charged and discount citation based on the buy orders. The billing management software that Webforsolution provides can flawlessly deal with the ‘Cover Deal’ request for items that are acquired by installment and delivered at a scheduled time
  7. Stock Management: Using a warehouse and display as stock and maintaining a balance between them for further production is not an easy task. That’s why Webforsolution introduces the Stock Management system to get the correct item at the ideal spot at the perfect time. It keeps up a central storehouse of all small places identified with stock, items, and things over the chain of stores. It also enables clients to deal with every single stock activity, from requests and receipts to between store stock exchange, day by day reviews, and more.All stores stock causes the client to get ready for stock development crosswise over different stores.




Accounting Management Software in Bangladesh

While “Inventory Management” sounds like it’s a basic following of what you have, stock administration programming really goes a few dimensions profound. The product ought to incorporate within any event one other back-end office framework, in particular, with either your bookkeeping or business assets arranging bundle. An Inventory Management software’s capacity is to follow those stockroom things through securing, deals, or use forms; find them crosswise over one or numerous distribution centers, and value (cost) the stock (at times in various monetary standards) so you know the estimation of things you have in stock for bookkeeping purposes.

Along these lines, Inventory Management software now and then covers with the run of the mill resource the executives programming. Center usefulness certainly revolves around your stock dimensions, yet this sort of programming likewise tracks deals, buy orders, and other important receipts. Beside record keeping, Inventory Management programming is additionally frequently attached to purpose of Sale (POS) programming in numerous retail and customer facing complex business activities. Exceptionally little activities can pull off satisfying these capacities with a straightforward spreadsheet. In any case, any business bigger than that will need the benefit recognizable proof, request following, and production network advancement abilities that a decent stock administration framework conveys.

Inventory Management incorporates more than essentially monitoring what you keep in your stockroom or retail storeroom. Inventory Management likewise incorporates monitoring what’s in your parts office, including singular parts and the blends of those parts used to manufacture different items and administrations. Stock administration likewise includes discovering what your supply your best clients have available. For little to medium size organizations, monitoring every one of these things can get troublesome rapidly in case you’re simply utilizing a spreadsheet to do as such. Tying that stock item data into the majority of different information stages your association utilizes requires a committed programming called Inventory Management programming. Choosing the correct programming bundle for your business can be troublesome as you have to required highlights against the best estimating. To help with this undertaking, we have developed the best Inventory Management software in Bangladesh.


With the inventory management framework:

  1. Tracking Your Inventory: you can monitor your stock and view the stock. Our framework will help you the in-detail track of your stock and will offer you the perspective on stock over your various deals channel. You can now effectively characterize such inquiries identified with your stock.
  2. Reduce the Cost: With Webforsolution can likewise create and control your stock report dependent on the criteria of your stock. These reports will gather information of discounts, guarantee, over-burden inventories and some more.
  3. Delivery Improvement: We know how it is significant for you to do quick conveyance, on the grounds that “Moderate Delivery” signifies “Awful Reputation”, which you don’t need. Webforsolution will help you essentially on improving your conveyance, since you think about stocks in subtleties and can accept the client desires.
  4. What’s Going on and What’s Coming: Making and overseeing plans will be a lot simpler with Webforsolution since you will get the entrance of the information pattern and investigations them. A cutting-edge stock framework will enable you to figure the coming stock.
  5. Make Time for Business: Webforsoution comprehends that time is cash. In this way, does our Inventory Management System. Our polished inventory management will reduce the investing of energy by monitoring every one of your items, reports and different whereabouts.


School Management Software in Bangladesh

Webforsolution, the best school management software, is made to offer the best answer for school and instructive organizations. The product has overhauled the level of the school and has changed the typical school into keen schools, which is the favored decision for new age guardians. The school the board programming has made it communicable to make speedy communication, straightforward tasks, and perfect organizations. Webforsolution is one of the main and most easy to use the school management software and school ERP framework that helps in interfacing the understudies, instructors, and guardians on a single stage.

It is the best school management software that offers a one-stop answer for a wide range of school necessities to automate the information and make the school the executives a problem free procedure. The simple and consistent administration of educators, organization assignments and a superior stage for speaking with understudies and guardians are a portion of the highlights that make Webforsolution the best school management software.

Webforsolution is the finished bundle of ERP school the board programming that offers an answer for all the administration package of the school, regardless of whether it is the confirmation procedure, participation the executives, charge the board, examination record, library the executives, compensation the board, transport the executives or timetable administration. The ERP arrangement additionally causes the school to produce handouts and SMS in multilingual dialects that help in making powerful correspondence with the guardians of various areas.

For instructors, the Webforsolution gives a Teacher’s Calendar that comprises of the exercise plan, timetable, and status that makes it simple for the educators to offer exercises and better instructing. Additionally, it causes instructors to get ready report cards according to the prerequisite and its distribution on the web or on portable applications along these lines settling the greatest effective of educators. Webforsolution offers a wide scope of arrangements and best administration benefits at the best cost to the new companies and huge global schools.

Webforsolution changes schools into smart schools which are dependably the favored decision for new age schools. We are a standout amongst the easiest to use school the board ERP programming that helps in associating the understudies, educators, and guardians on a single platform.

It is a one-stop solution for a wide range of school necessities to computerize the information and make the school the executive’s procedure an issue free procedure. Speedy correspondence, perfect organization, and straightforward tasks are a portion of the features of Webforsolution that rank your school over the rundown of smart schools.

This total automated ERP school management software is the response to every one of your issues, regardless of whether it is the affirmation procedure, participation the executives, expense the board, examination records, library the board, compensation the executives, transport the executives or schedule management.

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